Thursday, 28 July 2011

Another Place Sourdough

Another Place Sourdough by flimbag
Another Place Sourdough, a photo by flimbag on Flickr.

Happy to be back in baking action.

Yesterday's wholewheat and spelt effort was truly delicious. It probably could have used a little more salt -- I was overcompensating for the excess of salt in my previous loaf. At the moment, I'm using Cornish Sea Salt, and measuring by volume. I'm going to have to buy a little drug dealer gram scale so I have something that's accurate to less than a gram. Though my current scale claims it's accurate to the gram, my sense is that it's really only measuring in two gram increments.

This morning, I'm back on my own home-grown recipe -- this time, with the addition of a little rye and wholewheat flour to give the white flour a bit of substance.

Main flour is Sainsbury's own brand Strong Bread Flour. I wanted to see how it performed in comparison to the extra high gluten flour.

Loaf is still cooling. More after I taste it.


  1. Nice blog and great photos!

  2. Thanks. The photos are a bit cruddy because I just use my iPhone. But I'm happy with how the bread looks.