Saturday, 30 July 2011

Sourdough Challah -- baked!

Sourdough Challah by flimbag
Sourdough Challah, a photo by flimbag on Flickr.

Hardest loaf so far. Everything about this loaf was hard, and nothing behaved as the recipe said it would. It said it wouldn't rise during the bulk ferment and it rose like mad. It said the texture would be like modelling clay -- it was more like ointment. Braiding was murder. Then, it said it'd rise three times its size during a five hour prove, and it didn't rise at all!

Next time I try Challah, I'll do a yeasted one rather than a sourdough one.

But at least it's recognizable as challah!

Edit: On cutting, it's gotta be pronounced a failure. Too heavy and doughy. Will try again with yeast next time.

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